Russian tourists on holiday in the South of the country: Sea of stinking, conditions miserable

the Russian tourists unflattering comments about the rest of the South this season.

according NGS.RU the discontent of the Russians caused the bad service, high prices, and “mud on the beaches and ruin”.

According to the inhabitant of Ekaterinburg Natalia Babikova, rest in Anapa seemed “poor”.

“the Sea is smelly. Was first on the Black sea, God forbid, don’t go!.. About “the crown” there as if no one heard, all without masks, restaurants, bars, clubs, shopping centers open to the public”, — said the woman.

Vladimir Dudinsky from Perm criticized the beaches in the Krasnodar village of Dzhubga, where the garbage lying around, and swim in the sea branch.

In Sochi — the crowds of tourists and vacation this year will cost more than Turkey, lamented Elena Mokrushina from the city of Chelyabinsk. In addition, popular among tourists Lazarevskoye noticed a problem with the observance of sanitary norms.

“the toilet once and just beyond the beach, and this means that urine in the water as much as water, as a result, children have a stomach virus, and after a couple of days and SARS”, — expressed his indignation at the Marina Sidorova from Rostov-on-don.