Russians urged officials to patriotism

the Image of the “ideal Russian officials” presented at the portal of the Russian public initiative. The author of one of the calls said that if the officials were real patriots themselves enjoyed the benefits that await them ordinary Russians, the standard of living would be higher at all.

According to him, the officials at all levels and positions should register at the place of residence in a municipal hospital in her district, while it should be treated and his family (children, parents, spouses and even former spouses, brothers and sisters), and children of such officials are only in the city, if the city is not large, within the region. “Thanks to these laws of life in the region will raise using all of the resources themselves will be interested in the quality of health and education,” he said.

in addition, the author of the initiative believes that the family members of officials and relatives to the third degree must not do business and have property for predelami of the Russian Federation (including former spouses of officials).

“Crimes of a criminal nature such as embezzlement, abuse of power, abuse, inaction, bribery equate to treason and complete confiscation of property of family members, former spouses, and relatives who will not be able to show the lawful origin of property and material assets and funds,” he said.

“If the current officials don’t agree, then why do they us?”, — the author notes.