Russia's Ambassador to Belarus, spoke about the release of detainees to protest journalists

Detainees in Belarus Russian journalists have been released or will be released soon. About it on air “Russia-24” said Russia’s Ambassador to the Republic of Dmitry Mezentsev.

“Released by our colleague Maxim Solopov, Ilya Pitalev of RIA “News”. We know today that Dmitry Kalyuzhny, colleague Seeds Pegova, already a few hours is in Russia, also 2-2,5 hours ago in Smolensk profit of our colleagues, who yesterday was released: Semyon Pegov, Vladislav Sysdoc, Anton Starkov, Dimitri Losenko,” said he.

According to him, the reporter Nikita Telizhenko also released and travels in the direction of the Embassy. According to RIA “Novosti”, Telizhenko denied entry to Belarus for five years.

Mezentsev noted that soon will be released the activists of the movement “Open Russia” Artem Vasenkov and Igor Rogov.