Russia's largest earner of the crab may stop fishing because of withdrawn quota

the seaside company “Vostok-1” announced early termination of the fishery due to the lack of quotas, write “Vedomosti”. The company sent a notification to the head of Rosrybolovstvo Ilya Shestakov.

according to the company, the fishery is terminated due to the fact that the state is not returned to the company seized her quota. According to the representative of company management, production quotas, which the state withdraws for sale at auctions, needs to get back former users, if they remained unclaimed.

However, the state is not returned to the company half of the quota, which was seized but not sold. As a result, the company in early July, withdrew from the fishery one vessel and until the end of October will take another six.

“Vostok-1” is the largest producer of deep-water crabs in Russia, getting them to about half of total revenue. Previously, the company was producing about 8 tonnes of crab per year, representing 9-10% of the total crab in the country.

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