Indexia, a recognized European player in the design of sustainable multimedia services

In 2020, Indexia is diversifying by launching Hubside.Store, a distribution network specializing in refurbished. By creating this concept of own stores and franchises, Sadri Fegaier, CEO of the group, wishes to encourage the circular economy.

Since its creation, Indexia has demonstrated its desire to participate in economic development and local employment. He recruited, and still recruits, his teams locally. In 2022, the insurance design and distribution specialist plans to recruit 2,350 new employees in Europe.

To provide a local service to its customers, the group has set up offices in France, Spain, Switzerland and Belgium. With the deployment of 100 Hubside.Store points of sale, Indexia demonstrates a dense territorial network throughout Europe.

To reduce CO2 emissions and extend the life of smartphones, waste from reconditioning is recycled by certified companies. Champion of innovation committed to made in France, Indexia responds to the new expectations of consumers, anxious to limit their footprint on the environment. With a strict and secure reconditioning protocol, the group fights against planned obsolescence.

Good to know: France’s ambitious strategy to strengthen the recycling industry

In September 2021, Barbara Pompili and Agnès Pannier-Runacher announced the injection of €370 million in public funds to develop efficient recycling and reuse sectors. Economic support concerns all stages of the value chain, from product design to the incorporation of recycled raw materials into new products, including the collection, sorting and dismantling of waste (1).

With Indexia, Sadri Fegaier decided to internalize the skills and know-how

Hubside.Store relies on the short circuit by relying on its own repair and reconditioning workshop, located in Romans-sur-Isère, in Drôme. Hubside.Store takes back in-store phones as part of its buy-back/trade-in offer, refurbishes them and puts them back into circulation in its stores. 200 technicians take care of the reconditioning of smartphones on a daily basis, in optimal conditions.

Indexia joins the class of 2022 of the French Tech Next40/120 program

Over 5 years, the volume of business achieved by Indexia has shown strong growth. The group’s ultra-dynamic growth has enabled it to join the class of 2022 of the French Tech Next40/120.

According to Sadri Fegaier, CEO of Indexia, “this appointment rewards our deployment strategy which has been able to meet major challenges in recent years. We have taken up the challenge of diversifying ourselves, of directing our activities towards a local service, with the opening of physical points of sale, and towards the circular economy by putting refurbished items in the spotlight.”

Led by the French Tech Mission, the French Tech Next40/120 program coaches the most successful French scale-ups. It gives them the keys to becoming global technology leaders. Each year, 120 companies are selected to be part of the promotion.

By appearing in this program, Indexia is recognized as one of France’s most promising companies. The French Tech Next40/120 will enable it to accelerate its international expansion.

In 2022, Hubside.Store plans to enrich its services. The distribution network wishes, in particular, to strengthen support for professionals in their digital transformation, by expanding its Business offers. At the same time, the brand intends to continue to educate individuals about more responsible consumption.