LE FIGARO. – When have you experienced Johnny Hallyday for the first time?
in The mid 70’s. He had come to the island with his buddy Joe Dassin on board the sailing on Friday the 13th. At the time, I was a driver, I had a small plane and I was going to always search for Gilbert Bécaud in Saint-Martin when he came to rest in New York city at the hotel Baie des Flamands. It is in this hotel that I met Johnny for the first time. I saw then in the mid-2000s when he bought a property here. We became friends and I was going to dinner at his home at the Villa Jade each of his stays. He was very curious about the past and the future of the island. As I am also a guitar player, the current going well. Two years before his death, he told me that he wanted to be buried in the cemetery of Lorient facing the sea. I thought it was a joke. I then spoke to several times, but do not buy the concession. The last time I …

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