Blow to the irreplaceable king of pop. Leaving Neverland goes on to create a stir. Since its release, the documentary that chronicles the allegations of sexual abuse of the king of pop continues to damage its reputation and hurt sales of Michael Jackson. According to the classification Billboard , the sales of albums and singles from the artist, including during her period Jackson 5, were down 4 % and the numbers of streaming, audio and video, dropped 5 %. Numbers in free-fall, probably because of the diffusion of Leaving Neverland, , which is entered in the top 3 of documentaries the most-watched HBO . The film was attended by over a million viewers.

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Some stations have taken the drastic decision to no longer broadcast his songs on the air, including three radio stations in quebec. In the days that followed Leaving Neverland, the radio broadcast of the titles of the king of pop has dropped by 13%.

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a full tour in the Uk, Drake has to delete Don t Matter To Me of his set list. The title, which appeared in the album Scorpio in 2018, includes some vocal lines recorded by Michael Jackson in 1983. The creators of the Simpsons them, have decided to delete an episode, broadcast in 1991, in which “MJ” lent his voice to a character. The family of Michael Jackson, including his daughter Paris to defend the memory of the artist and denies all the charges, including the king of pop is the subject. Leaving Neverland will be released in France on 21 march to 21 hours on the M6.

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fans of Michael Jackson have protested against the airing of the documentary “Leaving Neverland” – Look on Figaro Live