This investigation was opened on May 25 for “deception aggravated by the danger to human health”, “involuntary attacks on physical integrity” and “endangering the lives of others”.

The Paris prosecutor’s office added that the Public Health Pole of the Paris Court of Justice had seized “on the basis of the withdrawals and recalls made by the company Ferrero, the elements communicated by Santé Publique France and the complaint of the Foodwatch association. ” of consumer protection, filed on May 19.

The association itself brought together several complaints from families of victims.

This new investigation into food safety comes shortly after that targeting Buitoni pizzas marketed by the Nestlé group, which caused several serious cases of contamination of children by the Escherichia coli bacterium.

Salmonellosis, due to a bacterium, causes symptoms similar to those of sometimes acute gastroenteritis: diarrhea and abdominal cramps, slight fever, vomiting.

In early April, in the height of chocolate season as the Easter holidays approached, Italian confectionery giant Ferrero recalled all products made at its factory in Arlon, Belgium, after dozens of cases were reported. of salmonellosis possibly linked to the consumption of its chocolate products in several European countries.

Kinder Surprise, Kinder Mini Eggs, Kinder Surprise Maxi 100 g and Kinder Schoko-Bons were concerned, in all the countries where they are distributed, and regardless of the expiry date.

The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) said that as of May 18, 324 confirmed and 58 probable cases of monophasic Salmonella Typhimurium had been detected in European Union countries and Great Britain.

Children under the age of 10 have been the main victims of this infection, with no deaths recorded to date.

In France, Public Health France recorded 118 cases as of June 2, so 22 had to be hospitalized for a time.

Belgian justice opened an investigation on April 11 to establish possible responsibilities within the Kinder factory in Arlon.