After Get Out and Without a sound winds of change continue to blow on the horror. This Friday, Netflix has brought online Bird Box that imagines a world plunged into chaos following an invasion of creatures. They grow those who contemplate to commit suicide. Artist, to the limit of the denial of pregnancy, Malorie (Sandra Bullock) escapes the carnage and is collected by passers-by in a house that is under construction. The mom-to-be and his companions in misfortune, among whom was John Malkovitch and Trevante Rhodes ( Moonlight) , to survive in a closed unhealthy and rediscover a world outside in which they can only move forward as a blindfold.

based on the novel of the musician Josh Malerman Bird Box: never open the eyes (éditions Calman-Lévy), the long-feature film by Susanne Bier, as the moving and panting Without a sound of John Krasiński, is based on the removal of one of the five senses. In this case the view. A challenge identified by Sandra Bullock. In Figaro , star of Gravity explained why it overcame its réticiences on the genre horror.

LE FIGARO – Action ( Speed ), romantic comedy ( Miss Congeniality ), space adventure ( Gravity )… you had not yet vuEe in a horror movie. Why have you chosen Bird Box to remedy this?

SANDRA BULLOCK – I’m not fond of horror. Bird Box is first and foremost a psychological thriller that talks about a family and the love that creates. I was sent the script eight years ago. At that time, he spoke not at all. I was called back, two years ago. I had the impression to discover a new text, with a lot more humanity. Yet, the screenwriter of First contact Eric Heisserer had nothing changed. It was me that had changed by becoming a mother.

What is the next innovative door Bird Box on the maternity ward?

It is a frightening experience. The cinema premium instead of the version care bears: the mother who supports whatever happens, who cares, that student literally and figuratively. Bird Box points to the dark side, the fear is inherent, the desire to protect her children, the panic that rises if the environment is hostile. The fast Malorie crosses are a metaphor for motherhood: a boat that takes the water for which you are willing to do anything to to keep it afloat. What I remember of Bird Box , it is that there is no single definition and easy what makes a family. A home can form in a thousand ways. Being a mother has nothing to do with biology.

Malorie is at first a mother unworthy…

This artist has lived inward, away from the world. She has not an ounce of maternal instinct. In other circumstances, she would have probably put this baby up for adoption. She has repressed all the aspects of his personality that could be fulfilling and sweet. She feared that the hope to kill the children, for which it is responsible. My character has the characteristics of the pater familias, the head of the family. This reversal of roles was exciting to explore.

Bird Box chooses to never show the creatures in the center of the chaos. Mythological beings, aliens… We don’t know anything of it until their appearance.

The facility would have been to show these creatures. This was courageous on the part of Susanne Bier is not have ever considered before. These creatures feed on our fears and personal. It is impossible to give body to the screen, because these fears vary according to each. Each member of the audience will consist of Bird Box differently.

“Play without my eyes made me agitated and bad-tempered”

Sandra Bullock

How have you prepared to play blindfolded?

An adviser to blind has taught me to move me without my sight. He saw all the obstacles in my house, the wall, the chairs. Outside, it was able to detect the buildings, the fences. At his touch, I let more of my intuition guide me. Keep the blindfold has earned me a lot of blue against objects, but it was the guarantee of not having to feign the emotions of Malorie. Play without my eyes made me agitated and cranky. It was the voltage being sought. I’ve also worked a lot with the cameraman so that he can adapt to my movements, and my change of direction. I felt where he was. But sometimes, I started to run and I struck the camera. The operator quickly became excellent at anticipating my decisions and remove the camera just in time.

For an actor, the next you can put a lot of emotions…

At first, I thought that my initial grab was good because what I felt was brutal. In reality, I couldn’t express it. I had to learn to use my voice in a new way, which I was not necessarily comfortable. I found a lack of subtlety, I was in a state of panic intensified.

Turn the river had to be difficult.

The hardest part was to shoot these scenes with the children. I had to play Mallory and take care of them: be sure they don’t eat too much candy, that they are wise (laughter). Be an actress and baby-sitter is exhausting!

Bird Box is available on Netflix, and has only been shown briefly in a few theaters in the United States. It bothers you?

No. I am very happy that Netflix takes Bird Box for viewers who would never go to the theatre.