Sands compared the vote on the Constitution with a trip to the store

Rospotrebnadzor wrote these rules and the mode of voting on amendments to the Constitution that from the point of view of the epidemiological situation to take part in it no more dangerous than going to the store. Sure, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.

According to him, RIA “Novosti”, the “modality of voting”, which was defined by the CEC and the CPS, “are designed to fully, to best protect people.”

Peskov said that many times the arguments mentioned, that the mode of voting prescribed in such a way that participation in it is not more dangerous than going in store.

earlier, the Network had placed several petitions relative to the transfer of voting on amendments to the Constitution. The last of them, dated June 11, it was noted that the vote should be moved, because in Russia every day are diagnosed with more than 8 thousand infected COVID-19, and the epidemiological situation is still unfavorable. The authors see no reason to risk the lives of millions of people and need to postpone the date of the plebiscite. In another petition, the vote required to move on in 2021.

the Vote on constitutional amendments scheduled for 1 July. In the amendment there is a clause about “zeroing”, which theoretically allows 67-year-old Putin to remain in power after 2024, another 12 years.

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