Saratov caught the motorcade of the Governor Radaev in flagrant violation of traffic rules (video)

a Resident of Saratov recorded on video flagrant violation of traffic rules by drivers of vehicles of the cortege of the Governor of the region Valery Radaeva. The citizen believes this is a manifestation of boorish behavior and called to punish the drivers.

As reported to IA “Look-info” the eyewitness, yesterday around 9:00 at the intersection of Airport and Sokolovogorskiy Governor’s motorcade service of the two BMW cars, one of which carries the head of the region, crossed over the line and, having left on a counter, we passed under a “brick” on a strip intended for public transport.

According to the townspeople, he notices it is a violation for the first time. A citizen is confident that this occurs when the Governor carry on the work of his mansion. Motorist believes that such behavior is unacceptable and “makes a split between the government and the society.” In his opinion, the drivers of the tuple should be prosecuted for traffic violations.

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