“It is not insulting anyone to recall that President Macron comes from the left”, explains Mr. Sarkoy in a river interview with the Journal du Dimanche: “I would sometimes like him to cross the Rubicon in a more frank, because France is today mainly on the side of the party of authority, firmness, freedom. Call it centre-right, centre, republican right, it doesn’t matter: the country’s strategic axis is clearly there .”

The former President of the Republic (2007-2012) and founder of the Republicans (LR) assumes in this interview his support for Emmanuel Macron in the presidential campaign, to the detriment of the candidate of his camp Valérie Pécresse: “And if it was to do it again, I would do it again.”

He pays homage to his successor, credited with “coolness, moderation and experience”. “The president has undeniable intuitions and experience. But I observe that he can sometimes be tempted to stop in the middle of the ford. These are the disadvantages of ‘at the same time'”, he explains.

Nicolas Sarkozy finally points out the limits of Article 49.3 of the Constitution, which allows a law to be passed in the Assembly without a vote, unless a vote of no confidence overthrows the government. Mr. Macron, he underlines, “could also seek to make a political agreement in good and due form with all the good wills ready to constitute a majority in the higher interests of the country. You never deny yourself when you makes the choice of the general interest.”