Sberbank returned to the readers of

28 days after the theft of money from card readers “Rosbalt” “Sberbank” gave him his money back. 13,6 thousand rubles were credited to the account of the from St. Petersburg the day before.

the filing of a complaint for fraud in support of “Sberbank” male filed may 27. The night with his card has twice written off 6.8 thousand rubles through “Yandex.Filling.” Representatives of the Bank, the man explained that the service never used, any third parties the data card is not reported, and more than a year did not come to the city’s ATMs.

the Culprits were the fraudsters, operating out of London. In support of the Bank was first advised to go to the police, stating that he would be able to deal with the issue only if law enforcement agencies will turn to the Bank for help. Eventually, however, June 23, Sberbank was returned to him the stolen money.

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