SC refused to check the statement of the parents of Yekaterinburg, who was killed by security forces because of

the Investigative Committee refused to validate the application of the parents killed during the assault on his apartment from Ekaterinburg Vladimir Tsankov, who was suspected of assault on Wallpaper store.

As have informed “Rosbaltu” the representative of the parents, the lawyer Alex Bashmakov cooperating with the human rights organization “Area law”, in the failure of the RF IC stated that in the application of the parents there is no information, indicating signs of a crime on the part of employees of Regardie stormed the apartment of the deceased.

they promised to check the arguments of the parents in the investigation of the criminal case of robbery against the death Taushanova.

“What other elements of a crime necessary to the Investigative Committee for the inspection, when talking about the death of a man? Of course, we promptly will appeal the inaction of the investigator in court,” — said Alexey Bashmakov.

Recall that Tsankov was killed by security forces on the night of 1 June, during the assault on the apartment. According to investigators, he had stolen from the store several rolls of Wallpaper and locked himself in his apartment. One of the police officers claims that Taushanov was in the apartment with the kitchen knife in his right hand and pepper spray in the left. Evidence of different witnesses, previously published in the media, differ. The parents of the deceased are confident that Vladimir didn’t need to steal the Wallpaper, and applied law enforcement methods were inadequate.

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