Noticed at the Cannes film Festival (critics ‘ Week), praised and covered prize at the Angoulême Festival, Scheherazade arrives launched at full speed. It darkens and it is hoped that it will go as far and as high as possible. This first feature film of Jean-Bernard Marlin, like his hero febrile and touching. It does not calculate, takes risks. Zachary, 17 years old, comes out of prison. His mother is not there. His teacher brings him back to the home. He quickly made a the beautiful, find the street. The popular districts of Marseille. We don’t want him for dealing, he is stuck. His buddy Ryad offers him a pass. Among the girls who tapinent on the same piece of sidewalk, he chose Scheherazade. They are known to the college. The reunion is special but there is a tenderness between the two minots. Zac is in the street.

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Scheherazade the hosts in it, a house that she shared with a tranny. It sucks its thumb. It protects, becomes his mac without really wanting to – awful scene where the three kids pay to sleep with Scheherazade in a lobby of a building. He reunited with his former “colleagues” to remove pimps from bulgaria and their daughters a sidewalk better attended. Zac takes the shots, gives. Its singer, Dylan Robert, burst onto the screen, as well as its partners: Kenza Fortas (Scheherazade), Idir Azougli (Ryad), Kader Benchoudar (Mehdi Sheep)… the strength of The cast wild. And for Marlin, a native of Marseille and director-actor extraordinaire. He filmed a bunch of kids who know (almost) everything for their character. For the most part, they have gone through the same trouble, the same galleys. They have bathed in violence, or even bathe yet in. They speak the language of the street (“emboucaner”, “do the dirty”).

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The taste of happiness

Scheherazade would be a good polar realistic in the northern districts of Marseille, in the manner of Chouf of Karim Dridi, it would be already very good. But the film Jean-Bernard Marlin is more than that. It is also a beautiful love story. For the rose water, it is a deal-breaker. The black dominates, but the heart of Zac throbs harder and harder. This is not because of the adrenaline, the fear, the taste for risk. No, there is another sense on which it will take time to put into words, at the end of an amazing stage in front of an investigating judge. “You like it, huh?”, told him a prostitute. Him, in love with a “whore” ? However, it eats eyes, Scheherazade, her “small”. This love has a price. It will cost him an eye and much more. But this love has a lot to offer to this child to whom life has given nothing. It will make it better. May be a good person. And it will give him the taste of happiness.

Scheherazade Polar de Jean-Bernard Marlin.
With: Dylan Robert, Kenza Fortas…
duration: 1: 49.