20 years ago, the Schiller Locke was part of the standard offer in the North-German fish shops, but also in other Parts of the Federal Republic of Germany. The fish fillet is salted and smoked. His Form in the bun looks particularly appetizing. But what lure are Schiller, anyway?

Nowadays, they are libraries becoming increasingly rare in the German fish. It is smoked shark. Better said, the belly flaps of the Dornhais. In the meantime, the Schiller Locke to the delicacy and the fish in European waters is a rarity. Dornhaie are on the red list of threatened species.

sustainability, Deutsche is Why tuna, for us, is actually taboo By Denise Snieguole Wachter

with a clear conscience, you can no longer eat the dogfish so for a long time. The stocks have fallen dramatically, the fish is threatened with extinction. Greenpeace no longer warns, therefore, for a number of years, to eat the spiny dogfish. The style will be very Mature late sex and have few offspring. In the North sea, the spiny dogfish shark is extinct already. Therefore, it is not by EU law, also allows to catch Dornhaie in the waters of the EU and to sell. The Import is not prohibited. Since there is a lack of fish in this country, to be imported up to 90 percent of the United States. But even there, the same picture emerges: The stocks shrink.

stay away from shark, swordfish and tuna sustainability Why we all buy more fish in cans should Of Denise Snieguole Wachter

the consumer organization advises against eating, because of the spiny dogfish is overfished. Added to this is the health component. As with all shark products, is also charged to the meat of the Dornhais strongly with methyl mercury. Mercury accumulates in the body and can be kidney and nerve damage. The WHO advises, especially pregnant women, and children and young people specifically, to consume fish that may be contaminated with mercury. This concerns, in particular, shark, swordfish and tuna.

Who wants a Schiller curl in the bun, for example, on the landing bridges in Hamburg to eat, it is in vain to look for it. Nevertheless, there are in the Hanseatic city’s fish stores, the Schiller offer luring. The fish seller to hold, in spite of Overfishing. The fish fillet earlier to the standard range, the demand is today, at least on the decline.

Maybe a Chance that the stocks of the Dornhais recover.