Schlossberg: in Russia Today, a half-million fine for the journalist in the text — a victory of civil society

In Russia there was such situation that the conviction of the journalist for expressing opinions, not connected with imprisonment, is a “victory for civil society,” he said in comments to the correspondent of “Rosbalt” head of the Pskov branch of the party “Yabloko” Lev Shlosberg.

In Pskov on Monday, the military court found guilty of justifying terrorism journalist Svetlana Prokopieva pursued for analytical material about the terrorist attack in Arkhangelsk. Before the Prosecutor asked for 6 years of imprisonment and 4 years of ban on the profession, but the court on Monday handed down a more lenient sentence — 500 thousand rubles fine.

“in fact, we heard the acquittal in Russia, where the court controlled by the authorities. The penalty, although considerable, but the worst she was found guilty, that is, the text is considered a criminal offence, — it is essential for all journalists. However, the court did not rule on the limitation on performing the journalistic activity”, — said Lev Shlosberg.

“Given that the sanction of this article infinitely significant — from a fine to imprisonment from 5 to 7 years, that is below five can be given. That is the sentence handed down today means that the prosecution has shown itself to be untenable. In this sense, it is a victory. From the point of view of the General state of justice in the country — today we heard the verdict on an innocent man. Now everyone is dominated by emotions — how sad to say “joy” — because Svetlana is not deprived of liberty. But we understand that this is a cruel compromise, which went to the authorities, because of the huge public reaction to this criminal case on the accusation. In this sense, the sentence can be considered a victory of civil society in Russia today”, — said the politician.

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