Schlossberg: Putin has multiplied itself to zero

Pskov opposition politician, the leader of the branch of the party “Yabloko” Lev Shlosberg made with words of encouragement addressed to the opponents of the amendments to the Constitution.

“Friends, I would like to encourage and congratulate them: we are not cleared in seven days. Reset to zero Putin,” said Lev Shlosberg in social networks. In his opinion, the organization of the “shameful” vote, the President “multiply yourself by zero”.

he participated in the vote and has published a newsletter with the sign in the column “against”. Lev Shlosberg believes that the organization of the voting procedure is impossible to comment, because independent observers were deprived of the adequate tools.

Pskov politician believes that the announced figures do not reflect the actual opinions of citizens of Russia need “for a cartoon that will show Putin.”

“millions of Us. Thanks to everyone who said NO to Putin — and those who refused to participate in voting and those who came and voted against it. It is important for us not to quarrel now, when discussing these results,” said Schlossberg. He believes that the opponents of the amendments are of a “decisive political force in Russia.”

“there is No cause for discouragement. There is a huge field to work. Work conquers all”, — the politician wrote.

the CEC on the results of processing 100% of protocols of voting on amendments to the Constitution declared that “for” in favor 77,92% of Russians voted against of 21.27%. The only region where defeated opponents of the new law, became the Nenets Autonomous Okrug. The Kremlin has stated that it does not dramatize the results for NAO, and assess the results of the vote as a “triumph”.

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