School learning garden built within the boundaries of the transport interchange hub in Moscow

In TPU “Street of Academician Oparin” I want to build an educational complex, which will combine school and kindergarten.

according to the head Moscomarchitecture Yuliana Knyazhevskaya, the transport hub will appear in the border areas of the obruchevsky and Konkovo, at the intersection of Miklukho-Maklaya and Academician Oparin at the South-West of Moscow.

as part of the TPU is designed Kommunarsk station metro line, pedestrian crossings with traffic lights and gallery of the future subway. There is also a plan to build a training complex and administrative building for the GBU “zhilischnik”.

According to Knyazheskoy a discussion of the project with the Muscovites will last until June 14. Comments and suggestions can be left on the website of the project “Active citizen”. To join in discussions just register on the website All listings of citizens in the electronic public discussion will be considered by the project developers.

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