Scientific opponent called historian Sokolov, who is accused of the dismemberment of PhD student, monstrously cruel and comical loser

In St. Petersburg continues the trial of ex-teacher St. Petersburg state University, Oleg Sokolov, accused in the murder of PhD student Anastasia Yeshchenko. At the meeting, on 27 July called Eugene Panasenkov, known for the conflict and public debate with the defendant.

As the correspondent “of Rosbalt”, the witness spoke about the historian unflattering and emotionally, which caused a negative reaction from the accused. Lawyer Sergei Lukyanov repeatedly stated about the inadmissibility of such statements.

“From my point of view, Sokolov is monstrously cruel and at the same time very comical loser. He always tried to be what is not. He was assistant Professor of St. Petersburg state University, but wanted to be called ser. Understand this contradiction, this dichotomy, the dialectical pause traumatized, I think, Oleg,” said Panasenko.

According to him, the defendant was very rude, often hysterical for no reason, “cruelty was manifested in his every act”, for example, in the treatment of horses in historical reconstructions. The witness estimated the theatricality in the behavior of his opponent.

Panasenkov has denied allegations of harassment Sokolov and called it nothing more than nonsense.

“From my side there was no conflict. On behalf of the defendant, of course, was the conflict associated with tremendous envy,” said the witness.

the defendant made a remark and said that Panasenkov, his associates two years persecuted him and sent threats, bullied. Another verbal altercation ended with the intervention of a judge.

we will Remind, Oleg Sokolov is accused of the murder of PhD student Anastasia Yeshchenko in November 2019 and possession of weapons. Public discussion of the defendant and Eugene Panasenkov widely known in the media environment. Researchers Napoleon talked about the facts of plagiarism and violation of honor and dignity. Supporters of historians called Panasenkova and Sokolov “Maestro» and “ser” respectively.

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