Scientist described a danger to the Earth approaching comet

scientific worker of the Pulkovo Observatory, candidate of physical and mathematical Sciences Kirill Maslennikov has told on air of TV channel “Saint-Petersburg”, represents any danger for the Earth approaching comet. According to him, the probability of the collapse of comet in the near future is minimal, but from time to time this is still happening.

“the Size of the comet is several kilometers of its nucleus, that of the snow. From time to time, inevitably, they get into us. She just might reach the Ground, and accurately hit. This can only happen through hundreds of thousands of years, maybe two hundred, maybe a million, maybe tomorrow,” — said the expert.

the Scientist noted that such objects in near Earth, often fly past. The probability that the comet will fall — minimal, but these things happen.

“the Tunguska phenomenon — it probably was a comet. That is why there is no real stone. All the dirty snow, moving through the atmosphere, melt, away leaving only small fragments. But the blast was very strong,” added Maslennikov.

we will Remind, earlier it was reported that the closer to the Earth, the brightest in the last seven years, a comet.

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