Scientists and businessmen outlined the immediate future of domestic agriculture

In Barybino near Moscow there has passed scientifically-practical conference “global food security: challenges and solutions”, organized by the Group “FosAgro” with the support of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

during the conference were demonstrated the results of joint work PhosAgro, Russian Academy of Sciences, a major scientific, research and industrial structures of the agricultural sector for obtaining the maximum economically viable yields and soil conservation. The participants got acquainted with innovative solutions and modern technologies of cultivation of agricultural crops.

the conference hosted a panel discussion on global food security, the role of science and the integration of efforts of the state, public organizations and manufacturers of mineral fertilizers in its maintenance. Giving start discussions, General Director of JSC “FosAgro” Andrey Guriev said that, according to the UN, by 2050 the world population will grow by more than 2 billion people. This will require an increase in annual food production from the current 8.4 billion tons to 13.5 billion To achieve these results, it is necessary to solve two tasks — to provide the agrarians with mineral fertilizers, and also to preserve and, if necessary, to restore soil fertility.

“More than half the world’s soil resource is being degraded now. All this imposes special requirements on sustainability of mineral fertilizers and sustainable agricultural technologies,” — said Andrey Guriev.

In this regard, the environmental friendliness of the products of the Company, demand in 102 countries around the world and a recognized standard of purity at the UN level, is not only a competitive advantage in export markets, but also provides an opportunity to ensure the population of Russia is high-quality, clean and affordable food.

the Head of the Company noted that the company is actively working with the Ministry of agriculture ond executing the instructions of the President of Russia to establish a national “Green standard” of agricultural products. Early adoption of the bill will allow in the shortest time possible to monetize the potential of Russian agriculture and give impetus to its development. It is important that the initiative will not require additional budget expenditures, but the effect will be at least 40 billion of additional taxes and 200 thousand jobs.

the Implementation of “Green standard” that guarantees ecological cleanness of the product and the transition of the agricultural sector on modern technologies, digitalisation APK — contour, Russian agricultural industry is effective and competitive in the world market.

“Our industry is the introduction of “Green standard” is ready and meets the highest environmental requirements. Industry of mineral fertilizers took place over the past 10 years through serious transformation. We have evolved from simple fertilizer producers to suppliers of ready-made solutions guaranteed high yield”, — said Andrey Guriev.

We actively interacts with its innovative collections, research and educational institutions. Today the company’s portfolio of 53 brands of fertilizers, 12 of which — fertilizer with trace elements. “By 2025, we will develop 50 new products, and by 2030 more than 70, including innovative biomineral fertilizers, fertilizers with inhibitors and meliorate, as well as fertilizers of prolonged action”, — said Andrey Guryev, noting the close cooperation in the development of innovative solutions with the Ministry of agriculture, Russian Academy of Sciences, the company “Inpractice”.

the Head of the Department agro – and biotechnology companies “Inpractice” Vladimir Avdeenko, stressed that for healthy, environmentally friendly and affordable products it is necessary to develop new, competitive technologies. This will help the project “Inagro” — program testing of domestic innovative Biopharmaceuticals in Russia.

“the Initiator of the project “Inagro” is the company “Inpractice”. In 2020 participants of the program were three pilot regions — the Voronezh, Nizhny Novgorod and Ryazan region, our partners there are small and medium-sized farms and large agricultural holdings. Platform for testing also provided the Group “FosAgro”. To study we offer a biological means of protection of plants and medicines for livestock, all of them developed by Russian research centers”, — said Vladimir Avdeenko.

Pavel Tsarev, General Director of JSC “Agrogard”, stressed that his company aims to manufacture products that meet the most stringent environmental standards.

“We are committed to produce products under the brand “Green standard”. In this regard, we are constantly searching for production technologies that will have a minimal impact on the environment,” he said.

For the full functioning of the chain of innovations the government needs to strengthen the link between the knowledge generation at a fundamental level and the market, said the President of RAS Alexander Sergeev.

“leading companies see a market, create scientific-production unit. So, We have very strong research center and in this regard they are an example of correct management and building science the business”, — said the President of RAS Alexander Sergeev.

“Today, agriculture is on par with in-depth knowledge of micro – and nanotechnology. She needs basic science, biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics. Speaking about food security, we must not only pursue a common goal to feed the country and the world to the full, but to think about how to do it effectively and efficiently. And here we are, of course, we need cooperation with our major business, the skill-oriented and patriotically-minded. An example of which is a FosAgro” — said the President of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

“the Scientific potential that we have developed together with our partners, will form the well-spiced ground state of Russian agriculture and manifest in our fields, in the form of sustainable income farmers to new competitive advantages and ecological purity of agricultural products. Russia — a country with huge agricultural potential, we must feed the world. In conjunction with science, with innovation and new solutions we will move forward towards this goal”, — concluded the General Director of the Company.

Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on agrarian and food policy and environmental management Elena Zlenko noted that the development of green areas in agriculture — a promising, innovative and competitive region for our country, and the digitalization of the whole complex of measures on development of agriculture and rural territories is the priority set by the President of Russia and supported at the legislative level.

“I Want to note that We are not only the leader in the production of fertilizers. Despite all the problems in the world that have been associated with pandemic coronavirus, the company has managed not only to reduce staff, and to recruit 163 staff in the Murmansk region. Establish a production record for the first 6 months of the year, surpassing the mark of 5 million tons. Crises create benefits for those who are looking for new promising solutions. A good example is of the Company that is able to cope with problems and to solve them in favor of the people who work at the enterprises”, — said Elena Zlenko.

She added that “the work of companies such as PhosAgro, which offer not only the farmer a bag of fertilizer, and the whole system of measures razvbusiness development is another incentive to attract young professionals to the village for development of rural areas. Financial support, innovation, scientific, economic decisions that apply to the Company, shall be scaled and replicated in the whole country.”