Scientists call unexpected cause lack of sleep

low water intake “steal” two hours of sleep. If the body is dehydrated, sleep does not work, came to the conclusion scientists from the U.S. and China, writes

They conducted two studies involving 9559 and 11903 people have studied analytical parameters of urine and assessment of the subjects on the quality night of rest. It turned out that the indicators of poor hydration are high values of density of urine and the contents of physiological solution. Dehydrated, the body protects itself by releasing vasopressin not to lose any fluid, and this affects early awakening, the scientists explain.

They also add that lack of sleep may be other reasons, such as digestion that is not working properly, and emotional stress.

Earlier, British experts have determined that people should sleep in the night about 9 hours and 10 minutes to recuperate and look good. When it sleep better at 21:45 minutes and Wake up around seven in the morning.

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