Scientists explain why coffee can cause a set of extra pounds

Scientists from Britain conducted a study which found out how coffee affects a person’s weight, according to “ActualNews”. Experts say that the favorite of many invigorating drink can trigger the recruitment of extra pounds. For a long time scientists in many countries are trying to figure out what harm to the body causes coffee. Some argue that the drink is safe, the other I assure you, the danger there. It is known that the composition of coffee beans there is a large supply of antioxidants which positively affect the body, rejuvenating it. However, caffeine affects hormones, concentrating cortisol, which regulates stress arousal. It is alleged that after drinking coffee become unbalanced, and this leads to the recruitment of extra pounds. Drink increases irritability, so coffee lovers can manifest anxiety. The extra weight can cause the development of various diseases. In addition, excessive consumption of drink may lead to malfunction of the cardiovascular system. Scientists also point to the risk of occurrence of problems with the respiratory system.

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