Scientists figured out how to determine the predisposition to diabetes in children

Signs of possible development of type II diabetes allows to identify even in childhood, the technique, which was developed by British doctors. As reports TASS, it is based on the indicators of metabolism. Scientists from Bristol University examined blood samples from children of different ages who were taking in 1990-e years, and compared their present condition. In total, the study involved about 4 thousand children and teenagers, who in the early 1990-ies were 8, 16, 18 and 25 years. None of the subjects was not sick diabetes of the second type, did not suffer from any other chronic diseases. Every blood test has been studied for possible changes in the structure of genes that predated, after decades, the emergence of signs of diabetes. According to lead author of the study, genetics of the University of Bristol Joshua bell, type II diabetes often detected in adulthood, however, they have developed the technique allows us to do almost 50 years before the possible onset of the disease. Bell explained that we are talking about the impact of susceptibility and not the disease with clinical manifestation at a young age. “This does not mean that the identified markers talking about the beginning of the disease in children, but these people may develop the disease in adulthood”, he added. Bell noted that scientists approach the discovery of the biological causes of the disease. “Our goal is to help patients,” he said. According to who, worldwide, more than 420 million people live with diabetes. It is the seventh most common cause of mortality.

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