Scientists have developed a vaccine from COVID-19 with the taste of sour milk

the Scientists of the St. Petersburg Institute of experimental medicine has developed a prototype vaccine against a coronavirus-based probiotics. According to “Dr. Peter”, the developers said that the drug tastes like fermented baked milk.

the corresponding Member of RAS, head of the Department of molecular Microbiology Institute of experimental medicine Alexander Suvorov said that work on a vaccine against coronavirus scientists have begun even in the winter. The idea of vaccines on the basis of probiotics microbiologists have appeared long ago.

“we Have developed a technology that allows you to embed fragments of genes of viruses and bacteria that encode immunogenic proteins in their genome useful to humans of lactic acid bacteria Enterococcus faecium L-3”. These bacteria are able to brivati milk and form lactic acid starter culture. We have already created prototypes of such vaccines, particularly against influenza, pneumonia, meningococcus, streptococci of group b, and we know that these drugs work. Using this technology, we ordered a piece of artificially synthesized genome of the coronavirus and created a prototype vaccine against COVID-19″ — said Suvorov.

“given the fact that the coronavirus is spread through mucous membranes, our vaccine the oral use stimulates both local and systemic immune response. I understand that this all sounds probably not serious. Drink fermented baked milk and be fine. But really in this development poses very serious scientific work”, — said the scientist.

Now created strains of lactic acid starter cultures tested on mice.

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