Scientists have discovered the secret to rapid multiplication of cancer cells

in cancer, the human immune system is powerless, the reasons for this are found researchers from the Laboratory of cold spring Harbor (CSHL) in the USA.

As reported in the journal of Experimental Medicine, unimpeded reproduction of cancer cells contributes to the periodic “blind” dendritic cells, whose function is the recognition of pathogens.

Scientists have found that cancer cells produce on their surface CCR2 protein, called the receptor cell surface. Receptors CCR2 inhibit the secretion signal required for cross-maturation of dendritic cells and consequently inhibit local immune surveillance.

Cancer cells avoid detection by the immune system that leads to a subtle and unimpeded tumor growth.

it is Noted that the protein CCR2 is present in the immune cells, helping them to move into the area of inflammation.

Now scientists have to figure out exactly how cancer cells use CCR2 for the suppression of key proteins, and to develop, on the basis of these studies, more effective drugs and methods of cancer treatment.

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