Scientists have explained why it is important for couples to sleep together

Spouses sleep better together, not separate practice sleep. To such conclusion scientists who conducted an experiment with the participation of 12 heterosexual couples. Them hooked up to a special apparatus during a night’s rest.

With the complex polysomnography volunteers have removed a variety of settings — from brain waves to heart activity, and eye movements. Also, the participants of the experiment were tested in which they talked about the duration of the relationship and feelings towards each other.

According to the results of the study revealed that “REM sleep” couples who are staying together longer — in this phase usually colorful dream colorful dreams, as well as solved the emotional problems of man, leave emotions and stress, say scientists. Besides, sleeping together pair sinhroniziruete your scheme of sleep, which is associated with the depth of a relationship. Such a dream can give an additional impulse in relation to mental health, memory, and creative problem-solving skills, say the experts, quoted by Frontiersin.

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