Scientists have explained why women grow old before our time

to Visually age a woman can “wrong” habits. Experts found out what it is, excerpts from the material leads portal

One of the most harmful experts have called the habit to abuse the makeup — the desire to wear makeup daily and even for going to the store for bread can play a cruel joke. The best quality mascara, blush and lipstick lead to the formation of wrinkles, lead to increased dryness, irritation, peeling.

Another risk factor that leads to premature aging, and a love of sweets. Abuse not only causes dark circles under the eyes and reduced skin tone, but also leads to obesity.

Also older than his age look women who are not getting enough sleep — lack of sleep causes wrinkles and skin problems. Finally, add a few extra years can excessive workload and a desire to make all of this leads to overwork, causing problems with sleep, depression, increased fatigue appear gray hair and wrinkles.

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