Scientists have found a

On the surface of Mars signs of life is not to look, but you can try your luck in the deep, sure astrophysicist Dimitra Atri from new York University in Abu Dhabi.

In the journal Scientific Reports published a study according to which at a depth of two meters, “red planet” could save the remnants of “life-giving water”.

increasing evidence support the hypothesis that the 4.1-3.7 billion years ago on Mars there was a water environment, and therefore, most likely, and life.

the remaining water may still exist on Mars in the form of brine, the polar caps, hydrated minerals and large deposits of water ice in the shallow underground environment.

in addition, the depth may remain icy sediments are talking about satellite images.

According to the scientist, the survivors on Mars microorganisms could use the energy of galactic cosmic rays consisting of high-energy charged particles that penetrate several meters below the surface. Another source of energy called radionuclides that are present in the Martian regolith.