Scientists have found that will help prevent death from heart attacks and strokes

Scientists have found that can help prevent death from heart attacks and strokes in the elderly. As reported Lenta.Ru scientists Bryanskoi women’s hospital in Boston analyzed data on the health status of 300 thousand people aged 75 years and older. So, 57 thousand people took statins — drugs to lower cholesterol in the blood. The researchers compared a sample of people who were prescribed statins with those who did not receive drugs, though, and had the same clinical indicators. As specified, the most commonly prescribed statin was simvastatin, although it is often assigned to a statin with higher dose and higher intensity. Usually these drugs are well tolerated, but some patients have had side effects, causing them can stop taking medicine. The study was not considered throwing whether subjects take the medication. Writes Lenta.Ru the intake of statins is associated with a significantly reduced risk of death (25%) of violations in the work of the cardiovascular system, as well as 20%, decreasing the likelihood of heart attacks and stroke. This relationship was observed for people aged 90 years and over. Earlier it was reported that statins can prevent the development of dementia.

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