Scientists have learned that the will of the population of the Earth in 2064 year

the Peak population of the Earth will be in 2064 year — then the world would be approximately 9,73 billion people. This is less than the UN forecast, which expected the end of the century the world population will be about 11 billion people, writes The Lancet.

Scientists from the Institute of metrics and evaluation of health at the Medical school of the University of Washington think that after a peak in 2064 year will begin a gradual decline, which will have a permanent character, and in the year 2100 the Earth will be about 8.79 billion people. This will increase the average life expectancy, which is virtually around the world will exceed 74.

Causes of demographic change will be the spread of education, more widespread use of modern contraception in Africa, the Middle East and some Asian countries.

Now the world is home to about 7.59 billion people.

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