Scientists have learned that will save you from dementia

From senility or dementia can rescue a properly composed diet. First of all you need to completely abandon products containing TRANS fats, have come to the conclusion the Japanese scientists, says Cursorinfo.

Experts were monitoring the status of 1628 people over 60 years of age for over 10 years. The results of these experiments, they found that an important marker that increases the likelihood of developing dementia is high level alaudinova acid (transisomer oleic acid). People with high levels of this acid in the blood, the risk of dementia was more than two times higher than in people with minimal level.

This acid is almost never found in natural products, but excess is present in hydrogenated oils and other TRANS fats — they are present in candy, cakes, croissants, ice cream, crackers, pizza, pies, cookies, fried foods, processed foods.