Scientists have learned to identify centenarians according to the feet size

the Duration of human life may be related to the size of his feet. To such conclusion employees of University of Cambridge, writes newsyou.

Experts conducted a two-year study, during which studied 3 thousand deaths. It turned out that the longest-lived women who had a 38 foot size and male longevity were the winners of 42 size, according to scientists, representatives of these groups lived to 82-84 years.

the Low life expectancy among men, according to the study, were those who had 38 and 45 dimensions, the owners of the 39th survived an average of 72 years, 40-of — 75, 43 — to 74 to 79 years, and the 44-year — from 69 to 72. Among women less lived carriers 35 and 42 sizes — an average of 68-69 years. Ladies size 36 lived to 76, with a 37-m— from 79 to 82 years, and the holders 39, 40 and 41, lived an average of 70 to 75 years.

the study Authors emphasize that their findings do not prove the existence of a direct relationship, every case is different.

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