Scientists have learned, what should be the age difference of the partners for the perfect relationship

For a harmonious relationship age difference in a pair between a man and a woman should be about 1 year. It is important that the man was older, came to the conclusion the American scientists from the University of Atlanta, excerpts from the material will Cursorinfo.

They conducted a study, which confirmed that the larger the age difference between partners, the less they have common interests. So, couples with age difference more than 20 years, breaking up in 95% of cases. If the difference is 10 to 20 years the probability drops to 39%, and in a couple where the age difference is 5 years — this figure is 18%.

At the same time with the age difference of the partners in 1 year the chances of that relationship or marriage is over — only 3%. It is this option necessary for a perfect relationship, say the experts.

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