Scientists have listed is bad for the brain products

to Support the work of the brain with proper nutrition. However, some products are better excluded from the diet, experts say, quoted by

For example, adversely affect the operation of the brain cured meats and sausage containing large amounts of salt, protein and nitrogen. In conjunction with each other these products dehydrate the body. In the list of “bad” foods were red meat — it has saturated fats that impair memory.

Give the experts also suggest the use of butter that contains monounsaturated, polinenasyshchenne, saturated fats — these substances cause inflammation in the brain and affect the production of cholesterol and disrupt the structure of proteins. Dangerous to the brain as common salt in large quantity, because with it slows down the blood circulation in the brain, experts say.

They note that damage are factory cakes, processed cheese and factory-made popcorn. The latter contains diacetyl, which accumulates in the body, and if the number becomes critical, they can begin the development of Alzheimer’s disease. In the factory cakes add soybean oil, TRANS fats, corn syrup, which slow down the brain and provoke overweight.

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