Scientists have listed the products, cleaning the blood

Compiled a list of foods that help to cleanse the blood from harmful substances. The list was presented by the doctors who quotes Change.

First on the list — garlic. Under its composition allicin has beneficial effects on white blood cells. Garlic also helps withdraw nicotine from the blood and to protect themselves from the risk of stroke and heart attack.

to clear the blood of toxins and replenish the energy will help the apples. The pectin contained in them, removes from the blood salts of heavy metals, and the cellulose breaks down body fat.

a Special place in the list of useful for blood products is cabbage, isothiocyanates, members of the cabbage leaves help to flush carcinogens from the blood system. At the same time, the oats and nuts to reduce the amount of fat and chemical compounds in the body and normalize the level of “bad” cholesterol and blood sugar.

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