Scientists have made a surprising discovery, trying to determine the best age for birth of first child

Trying to determine the ideal age for a first birth, experts made a shocking discovery. It turned out that women who gave birth to their first child after 33 years, tend to “live longer” those who survived childbirth at a very young age.

a Study conducted by scientists from the Portuguese University of Coimbra — they studied two groups of mothers gave birth at a Mature age, and those who had a baby at 20 before. Experts compared the life expectancy of mothers in the first group the inhabitant was more. Another study revealed that in the DNA of mothers who gave birth after 33 years, there are certain markers for longevity. Thus in the DNA of young mothers no such markers.

explanations of this phenomenon scientists are not given, they continue the study. According to an expert on fertility, Lord Winston, quoted by Cursorinfo who give birth after 30 years, can live longer because of their education and success — in comparison with young mothers they can afford to maintain a better lifestyle.

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