Scientists have proposed a new method of treatment

Scientists from Sweden and the USA has developed an innovative method of dealing with an incurable viral infections.

according to the journal PLOS Pathogenes, at Lund University on the example of “the immortal” herpes is suggested to use not biological, and physical properties of the virus.

it Turned out that the herpes virus has high internal pressure because it is tightly packaged in a protein shell that encloses the genome. This allows the virus to instantly throw their genes in the cell nucleus. After that, the cell produces new viruses that kill other cells.

a New drug is effective due to the fact that its molecules penetrate the protein shell of the virus and do not allow genes to go beyond the virus and to infect a cell.

meanwhile, existing drugs fight viral proteins, however, if the virus mutates, the treatment becomes ineffective.

the study Authors hope that their method will help patients with compromised immune systems, including infants, people with HIV and cancer.

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