Scientists: Immunity to coronavirus have been ill preserved only for 2-3 months

Immunity to coronavirus have been ill this infection lasts only 2-3 months. To such conclusion scientists of the Chinese Medical University of Cucina, the article published in the journal Nature Medicine.

Experts have studied 37 asymptomatic cases of coronavirus infections, as well as several “classic” cases COVID-19, and found that after eight weeks, most recover from the level of antibodies decreased, while in asymptomatic patients, they ceased to be identified. So, over eight weeks monitoring the content of antibodies decreased in 81% of asymptomatic patients and in 62% of carriers with symptoms COVID-19.

Scientists say that re-infection is just a matter of time, immunity is not enough for more than 2-3 months.

the findings should force countries to rethink the introduction of a “passport of immunity”, the introduction of which has reflected in the number of States, experts believe.

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