Scientists learned when indeed was

German scientists have determined the age of the moon using a new computer model. Data were distinct from previously announced by astronomers, according to the material published in the journal Science Advances.

time-Consuming work conducted by planetary Geophysics, from the German aerospace center and researchers from the University of münster. They found that the Moon was “born” about 85 million years later than was thought until now — previously, astronomers believed that the Moon is in its solid form appeared about of 4.51 billion years.

German experts have calculated the time spent on the appearance and formation of the moon. Thus, according to conventional wisdom, the Earth is at an early stage of its existence, encountered a space object the size of Mars — a planet Theia, and as a result of collision of Earth was thrown a large amount of material, which is mixed with the material theis — formed Moon, which was at first covered by magma ocean, but gradually he began to harden, and on its surface formed a crust.

to determine how much time was spent on this whole process, the researchers used a new computer model that analyzed various processes associated with the solidification of magma and came to the conclusion that the magma ocean of the moon took almost 200 million years for it to fully harden (earlier models took on this process of just 35 million years). At the same time, changing the composition of minerals rich in magnesium and iron, which also helped to clarify the age of the moon.

the Conclusion of the German scientists in solid form the Moon was formed 4,425 plus or minus 0,025 billion years ago.

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