Scientists: People with high intelligence better adhere to protection measures against coronavirus

Scientists from the University of California conducted a study which showed that “anticorrosiveness” recommendations better comply with people with higher intelligence writes the Daily Mail.

According to the scientists, following the rules of social distancing depends on the volume of short-term memory, which is directly linked with mental abilities. On the basis of the study, which involved 850 Americans, the researchers found that people with a large amount of working memory is more often followed recommendations in the early stages of an outbreak of the coronavirus.

According to the researchers, this is due to the fact that people with higher cognitive ability have higher awareness regarding the benefits and costs associated with social distancing and wearing masks. It is noted that this ratio is maintained even given the various psychological and socio-economic factors, including depressed and anxious mood, personality, education, intelligence and income.

the study also provides recommendations regarding the promotion of compliance with the new standards. It is noted that it is necessary to take into account the General cognitive ability of people to avoid information overload and to present information concisely, succinctly and briefly that people find it easier to digest.

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