Scientists spoke about the

a Group of German scientists conducted a study on the subject of transmission of coronavirus from person to person through a variety of surfaces.

according to the newspaper Die Zeit, to study the issue was selected by more than 20 households in the County in Gangelt, North Rhine-Westphalia, which was infected family members.

the First data indicates that the best the virus is transmitted through droplets in the air, but the result of the analysis of all investigated air samples were negative.

in the study of flowing water from sinks, showers and toilets, a positive result was obtained 15.15% of cases.

Most were infected waste water from the sinks (of 19.23%), about as often, the virus was found in wastewater soul (18.75 percent), the lowest concentration of virus was identified in WC (8.7 percent).

Less viable virus was on solid surfaces, even on objects of daily use. Remote controls and metal door handle was contagious only in 3% of cases.

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