Scientists told about the reaction of volunteers to the vaccine from COVID-19

the number of volunteers who have agreed to test a vaccine against coronavirus in Sechenovskiy University in Moscow, during the first hours was marked by fever and headache. From messages on the website of the University it became known that the day these symptoms in volunteers were.

it is Specified that in the first phase of the study of the efficacy and safety of the vaccine, which began on 18 June, was vaccinated with 18 volunteers.

the report said that the volunteers were warned about the possible risks when testing vaccines.

According to Director of the Center for clinical studies of medicines sechenovskiy University Elena Smolyarchuk, a reaction to the vaccine COVID-19 was the standard for such procedures.

Earlier, the Director, National research centre (NRC) of epidemiology and Microbiology named Gamalei Alexander Ginzburg reported that Russian vaccine against coronavirus can protect received it person from infection for a period of more than two years.

Just today in Russia revealed 599 705 thousand cases of coronavirus in 85 regions.

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