Scientists told about the shocking implications of the coronavirus for the brain

British neurologists find out what is the impact of coronavirus on the brain. According to them, the infection threatens to damage the Central nervous system and can lead to psychosis or paralysis.

according to the journal Brain, serious consequences of the disease were found even in those who have been ill or suffered COVID-19 with mild symptoms. In particular, at University College London diagnosed more than 40 patients with acute disseminated encephalomyelitis — it resembles multiple sclerosis, but more severe. One of the infected 59-year-old woman died from complications.

in addition, said study author Michael Zandi, part ill complained of shortness of breath, weakness, numbness and problems with memory.

Fixed and separate disturbing cases — so, 47-year-old woman suffered cough and high temperature, and then she began to have a headache and a numb arm. The result was a swelling of the brain, and the doctors had to remove part of the skull.

From another patient after discharge, started having hallucinations — she saw the homes of apes and lions.

According to doctors, some patients with COVID-19 a few years can feel the signs of brain damage, as it was with almost a million survivors of the Spanish flu in 1918-1920.

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