Scientists told about the side effects of vaccines against coronavirus

Common side effects after administration of an experimental vaccine against coronavirus are fatigue, chills, headache and muscle soreness. This told the scientists from the American company which is engaged in the development of a vaccine, the results published in the New England journal of Medicine.

thus, the study involved 45 healthy volunteers aged 18 to 55 years. Entered all three level doses of vaccine, 25, 100 and 250 micrograms. The vaccine showed a strong immune response at an early stage of the study, but after four weeks it took the introduction of the second dose. After that, the vaccine elicited strong immune responses in all volunteers. While half of the subjects in the mild or moderate degree appeared side effects, but they quickly passed.

on July 27, American scientists plan to proceed to the third phase trials involving over 30 thousand volunteers in 87 places.

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