Scientists told how to identify the disease the tongue coating

to Determine the disease can the plaque on the tongue. This was stated by the doctors who quotes

the Plaque may indicate a pathology that develops locally in the oral cavity, such as gingivitis, gums, oral candidiasis and tooth decay. Cheerleaders should seal RAID in which it is difficult to distinguish the back of the tongue. In infectious diseases such as measles or influenza, the color of the tongue becomes red. A lack of nutrition, pathology blood says pale tongue, and purple indicates blood diseases of the respiratory system. Yellow or gray tongue is the smoker, or jaundice can indicate problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Black color may indicate the weakness of the liver and spleen, dysentery, and a bluish shade of language is found in poor blood circulation, scurvy. White language speaks of a fungal infection or dehydration.

According to experts, the tongue of a healthy person is a pale pink color with a smooth fold, which runs along the language. In this case the movement of the tongue should not be any discomfort. At the same time on a healthy tongue suppose white patches, but insignificant in summer, the plaque is a bit thicker in winter can take a yellowish tint, and in the fall the plaque becomes lighter and drier.

Experts suggest to consult a doctor as soon as was discovered clear of suspicious symptoms.