Scientists told how to identify the disorder in language

the Presence of certain diseases can be determined by the state of the language. This was told by Australian doctors, writes the Daily Mail.

So, smokers and drinkers in the language often appears white bloom. If it lasts up to two weeks, experts advise to address to the doctor — permanent white coating may indicate a defeat by a fungus, or leukoplakia as affected mucous membranes of the oral cavity.

If the language is red, and the receptors become brighter, this may indicate an allergic reaction or deficiency of folic acid in the body. Also if the throat is sore, maybe it’s strep throat or scarlet fever — you should immediately contact to Laura.

Lumps on the tongue can indicate the presence of herpes. And if the tongue suddenly goes numb, losing sensitivity, it can be a signal of thyroid disease or be a sign of increased pressure.

Independently put a diagnosis doctors do not suggest, they encourage you to pay attention to health and record the alarming changes in the body — when available it is best to seek advice to doctors, instead of looking for information online.

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