Scientists: Wearing masks is able to reduce the spread of coronavirus 40%

To protect passengers from being infected by the coronavirus in the capital has kept the regime of compulsory wearing of personal protective equipment in transport. Such measures are recommended by the CPS in connection with the growth of passenger traffic. Buy gloves and mask on all stations of the Moscow subway. Low-mobility people who use the services of the assistants in the metro, PPE will be provided free of charge.

a Group of scientists from Germany claims that the wearing of masks is able to reduce the spread of infection by 40%. The findings were proven: the authorities of the city of Jena one of the first to introduce such a requirement, and after 20 days the number of new cases decreased by a quarter, and then fell to almost zero. Thus, in those cities where the mask mode is introduced later, the infection continued to spread.

the Researchers also stressed that in large cities the effect of the masks was even more pronounced.

however, public transport in Moscow continue to pay serious attention to disinfection and treatment salons.

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