Scientists: Women who fall asleep in front of the TV, grow fat faster

Women sleeping in artificial light, are at increased risk of obesity and overweight. To such conclusion the American scientists from the National Institute of environmental Sciences, material published on the website of the University.

Experts explain — people are genetically adapted to the natural environment, consisting of sun light day and darkness night. The impact of artificial night light can alter hormonal and other biological processes and lead to health problems, including overweight. At particular risk were women.

To confirm this thesis, specialists examined data on 43 722 women aged 35 to 74 years from the United States and Puerto Rico. Within five years of observations showed that the small night light was not associated with weight gain, and women who slept in front of the TV or other artificial lighting, were 17% more likely to gain extra 5 kg, aging from the article cited portal Ufacitynews.

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